Legal Action Wisconsin

Raphael Ramos coordinates the Eviction Defense Project at Legal Action of Wisconsin. Attorneys like Raphael meet RHRC clients’ legal needs, providing in-court representation, brief legal consultations, and document drafting.

Community Advocates

Community Advocates is one of nine co-partners that comprise the Rental Housing Resource Center. Community Advocates provides a broad array of housing services, including access to rent assistance, case management and tenant-landlord communication. Their work directly supports the RHRC’s mission: to connect people to housing resources – regardless of age, race, gender, family situation, or housing history.

Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee

Colleen Foley, Executive Director of The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee, speaks to the collaboration between RHRC co-partners. In June 2020, Milwaukee County evictions were filed at a rate 42% higher than eviction filings in June 2019. Eviction filings are expected increase explosively when the CDC eviction moratorium expires. Tenants can connect with experienced attorneys from The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee at the RHRC to prepare for a court date.

Mediate Wisconsin

Landlord-tenant mediation is a key tool in eviction diversion in Milwaukee. This video features Amy Koltz from Mediate Wisconsin (known locally as Mediate Milwaukee). Mediate Wisconsin is one of 9 co-partners of the RHRC, who collaborate to meet the complex and varied needs tenants at risk of eviction.


Resources at the RHRC are meant to protect families from one of the worst-case-scenario of housing instability: homelessness. By connecting people at risk of homelessness to housing services, we can offer a point of #stability​ through which they can address other issues like employment, health, and education. This video features Emily Kenny from Impact Inc., which provides a 24-hour central access point for information and assistance to critical community resources that help people at risk of becoming homeless or those experiencing homelessness.

Federal Eviction Moratorium

You have probably heard about the national Eviction Moratorium. The Moratorium is like a ban, which temporarily stops evictions. The Eviction Moratorium was issued in September 2020 by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and will be in effect through June 30, 2021. However, the ban does not protect all renters and it is not automatic. 

Housing Navigation During COVID-19

Relocating into a new rental unit is normally a difficult process, but the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more challenging. In the State of Wisconsin, Commercial Real Estate is an essential business and many rental companies offer apartment tours at this time. When you leave your home to tour a rental unit, please follow these safety recommendations from Milwaukee County: stay 6 feet away from other people, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds as often as possible, sneeze into your elbow, refrain from shaking hands, and wear a face mask.