The eviction moratorium is ending. I’m considering evicting my tenant. What can I do?

The eviction moratorium has ended and my tenant is behind on rent. I’m considering eviction. What can I do?


The national eviction moratorium ends on July 31, 2021. If your tenants are not up-to-date on rental payments, you may be considering filing an eviction. However, there are alternatives that can save you time and money. 


  1. Submit a landlord inquiry or refer your tenant to the rent assistance programs at SDC or Community Advocates. They may be eligible for assistance paid directly to the property owner that covers both back rent as well as potential future rent. You will not receive the assistance if the tenant is evicted. If your tenant applied for rent assistance and you have not received a payment, please provide time for the application to be processed. Average turnaround times for rent assistance applications are around 30 business days. Waiting to be notified of the outcome of a rent assistance application can be difficult, but know that funds are being distributed at this time.
  2. Consider mediation. Many landlords find that mediation works better for them than court. Tenant-landlord mediation can be faster, less expensive, and less stressful than taking your tenant to court, while achieving similar results. For example, Tim Ballering of Affordable Rentals now has a “mediation first” policy, finding that mediation increases the likelihood that rent will be paid. Applications can be initiated online, by calling 414-939-8800 or by emailing, the sooner the better.